We, the members of LACNIP, believe the Lima and Allen County (Ohio) area is a great place to live, work, and raise families. We're proud of our community, but we also realize that by working together we can make it even better.

LACNIP is a non-profit organization designed to foster better communication and cooperation between the various neighborhood associations in the Lima- Allen County area. We also continually work to develop partnerships with other organizations (both public and private) as well. Won't you join us in our efforts to bring continuous improvement to Lima and Allen County? We need everyone's help. This is your community, too! 


Mission Statement:
Lima-Allen County Neighborhoods in Partnership (LACNIP) advocates for the improvement of safety and quality of community life through neighborhood partnerships and personal responsibility.

LACNIP has proven itself to be a vital organization with a sustaining vision and growing levels of energy.  It brings together neighborhood advocates in an organization that strengthens individual neighborhoods while at the same time serving the entire Lima metropolitan community.  LACNIP’s history is rich with accomplishments and its future is bright with ambitious possibilities!  The City of Lima is proud to partner with LACNIP in its creative efforts to dramatically improve our town.

David J. Berger--Mayor of Lima, OH

I believe that citizens are most effectively involved in local government when neighbors get together, out of common concern, to improve the lives of their family and friends. These folks are most sincere, most committed, and most compelled to action when they see success and positive change happening in their communities. LACNIP is a vehicle to prompt those successes and positive changes in our communities.

Sam Bassitt--Allen County Comissioner

A productive community-police partnership is essential for our community. For any partnership to be productive, it must be based upon trust. LACNIP has helped to further develop a foundation of trust between the Lima Police Department and the community through increased communication and by providing numerous opportunities for relationship building between the public and the police.

Kevin J. Martin - Chief of Police